Showalter: Markakis, Roberts react

New manager Buck Showalter met in right field with Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis during pregame warmups, and it probably wasn't no accident that he did it in front of the rest of the team. Roberts and Markakis are the two players who are signed long-term and are viewed as the de facto captains of the club.

Both Markakis and Roberts weighed in on Showalter's arrival before the game, though with differing levels of apparent enthusiasm.

"It's nice to know we have a guy that's going to be here for awhile,'' Markakis said. "There is an understanding that we as players have to go out and play and play hard."

Roberts just seemed to take all the attention surrounding Showalter's debut in stride.

"It was just like every other manager that has come in,'' Roberts said. "Some things will change, some things will change and you just adapt. The biggest thing is at 7 o’clock, you go play baseball.

"I think at this point, he’s mostly going to come in and evaluate and watch us play baseball for the last 60 games. Obviously when this period is over, we’ll all know a lot more about him.
I’ve been through six of them. I don’t necessarily get excited about new managers. I guess only time will tell."

Posted by Peter Schmuck at 9:16 PM

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